Say no to boring calls! 💪SEE who’s calling! 😎

With Vyng, you get to pick a video of yourself that plays on your friends’ phones when you call them! 😳😲😹


It’s simple – YOU pick the video you want to play on YOUR FRIENDS’ PHONES when you call! Then, when you call your friends, they’ll see YOUR video playing on their phone while it rings. Both you and your friends need to have the app installed for it to work, so download it and invite all your friends! ⛹️🤸🧘


Regular caller ID is BORING! Upgrade to Vyng and see a video of who’s calling you when your phone rings!

Vyng is the first VIDEO CALLER ID dialer app ever. Normal phone calls are LAME! ☠️Every call looks the same, and other dialer and ringtone apps just give you the same BORING videos and ringtones. Vyng lets you see CUSTOM VIDEOS of who’s calling when your phone rings! COOL!

And if someone calls you who isn’t on Vyng, you can still pick a video to play either with your default call theme or by setting a custom call theme for that contact.

And yes – VYNG IS FREE 😎😎😎

– AUDIO: For videos containing quiet or silent audio, your traditional ringtone will also play.

– OFFLINE: Video ringtones will work even when you are offline! However, for new content, you do need to periodically connect to the internet to get the latest videos.

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Vyng uses your phone number and address book to connect you with friends.
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

Xiaomi users: please be aware that phones manufactured by Xiaomi, including some Redmi models, may not be compatible with Vyng. We’re working hard with them to resolve these issues


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