Find My Phone – Where’s my Gadget by Whistle, Free & Easy to find

You are having issue with you memory and suddenly forgot about the things where you placed? For example you place your phone at bed and then forgot about your phone. Now you are looking from couple of minutes and could not find the phone? This Find my Phone – Where my Gadget by Whistle will help you to find your phone quickly. Using this find my phone by whistle app you just whistle and your phone will starting ringing the ringtone you have already set to find the phone and phone notification light will help you to find your phone quickly. Many Ringtones are available you can set and get notified about the phone lost.

Enable the find phone by whistle, it must be enabled if want to enable the find phone by whistle feature
Enable or disable the notification lights
Change ringtones anytime, multiple ringtones available to find your phone by whistle
You can also put on silent mode and just enable the phone notification light using flash light and get silently notification about the phone location using light
Useful app when you lost your phone in home, you place somewhere and forgot about this
Just play whistle and your phone starts ringing and start blinking the flash light
Easily find your phone by whistle
Gallery Protection
This Gallery Protection feature will help you to secure your gallery items, gallery photos, gallery videos and your personal and family gallery items. You just enable this Gallery Protection alarm and gallery notification light. If someone picked your phone and enters into the gallery, this app will start the alarm and notification light and you can notice and bring back the phone. This is free app and you can lock some specific apps and open other apps for all users of your device. In this way you can protect your security data from unauthorized persons like family and friends. This app will enhance the privacy of your phone. Download this wonderful app and secure the usage and get notified. Enable the Pattern lock screen in lock screen tab. This lock screen will lock all the apps and data; you can set your pattern password to unlock the screen. This advanced pattern lock screen app is free if you are looking for perfect security app for your phone and you worried about a friend borrowing your phone to play games, use apps and can see the Gallery Photos and Videos. Lock phone using this pattern advance screen lock & secure your phone data. Another security & notification feature, if someone tries to enter the wrong pattern to unlock your phone screen, can also enable the alarm and notification light
Find my Phone, Where’s my Gadget by Whistle Features
– Tensed about your memory & need some mechanism to remind you about your phone location
– Find you phone by clap, whistle or any sound
– Magical app the starts ringing when listen any sound or clap, whistle
– Protect your private data in your phone may be read by your colleagues or friends.

– Troubled your kids pay for unwanted games/apps & mess up your phone’s settings.
– Worried about a friend borrowing your phone to play games.
– Protect Gallery Items, Photos and Videos in your phone
– Secure gallery pic video lock and hide from extra SD card
– Advance pattern lock system & phone finder
– User friendly Interface, easy to use app and improve the security of your phone
– Ultimate gallery lock software
– Many elegant themes improve the look and feel of your phone
– Can use as home screen background wallpaper or lock screen background wallpaper
– All above feature are free download this find my pone by whistle app
– find my phone by whistle is free app download and eliminate the chances of your phone lost
– It also eliminate the chance of theft, because if the phone is on and whistle, clap phone will start ringing and blinking the flash light and you will acknowledged
– Free & useful where’s my gadget by whistle app

“This app needs device administrator permissions” so this app can prevent unauthorized uninstall of the app!


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